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    Awful, Children Turn Out to Love Playing Sensual Online Games

    Parents must be aware of online games played by children. Currently many games featuring adult female exciting poses. This game vulgarly encourages people to dare to impregnate the woman. The danger of this game appearing randomly on someone’s Facebook homepage and can be seen by anyone. Including children.

    Awful, Children Turn Out to Love Playing Sensual Online Games

    The game is titled Sexy Three Kingdoms. Display the cartoon game of an adult woman who was posing seronok. Underneath the picture is written the challenge “Are You Daring to impregnate me?”. Under the writing of the challenge there are three choices that can be clicked in the form of come on, begging, and changing lovers. On the left side of the picture also shows the number 18+. Even so many children keep opening it.

    This game takes the background of an empire in China and is adventurous. Where players must be able to raise the level of the selected character. All the characters in the game are very highlighted sensuality side. Even when loading games.
    In some game footage, a woman’s chest covered by a thin cloth and shown swimming in a pond was shown.

    This game also displays unique features in the form of women. Where players can increase intimacy through suit games (scissors, rock, paper). When the level of intimacy is full the players can marry and bring home the beautiful women that are available. This game has been shared by 60 thousand people through Facebook.

    Saturday (31/1), this game has been widely played by children. They look awkward looking at these sensual images. Some children even seemed to be very good at playing it.

    While watching the hand computer, AN (9) swiftly moves the mouse. He followed the instructions that came out of the monitor screen. The look in his eyes did not seem to flicker. When he successfully completed the game mission and for alternative other games that can be played are slot online. An image appeared of a woman in a Chinese green shirt with an open chest.

    “Every mission completes the picture of women who appear. There are various kinds of green, white, and others,” he said when questioned.

    February 19th, 2020 by adminpbnku29

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