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    Got Twins, Sunny Leone Life More Complete – After a few months of being inaudible, there is now good news from Sunny Leone . The artist reportedly was blessed with twin sons.

    Twins sunny leone

    The former porn star’s happiness got her twin from a surrogate mother.

    Using a surrogate mother, Sunny Leone gets twins
    Having Children, Sunny Leone Begins to Reduce Filming Schedules
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    Apparently the news about his twin children Sunny had received while adopting Nisha. In an interview, Sunny Leone said that she got the complete package happiness, as reported by the Times of India , Wednesday (3/28/2018).

    “When I adopted Nisha, I just got the news that the IVF program to a surrogate mother also worked. It was perfect,” Sunny Leone said .

    Teach Children

    Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber and their children [photo: instagram / sunnyleone]
    Sunny Leone is now starting to teach her first child, Nisha, to be her sister. She explained her sister’s job to Nisha slowly, and taught her to love her sister.

    The Master’s Husband is better

    Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber (NDTV)
    Sunny Leone explains that her husband Daniel Weber is more experienced in raising children. So, it depends more on her husband.

    Do not Want Too Busy

    Being a mother, Sunny Leone must be responsible to her child. Sunny Leone began to reduce her schedule, so she could spend more time with the child, the Bombay Times reported.

    “I see a lot of parents who can take care of their children well despite working. But in my case, this is very difficult because every day the activities are different. So, I began to reduce schedules,” Sunny Leone said.

    January 19th, 2020 by adminpbnku29

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