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    More of our nipple pierced Amerasian bad girl Alyra.

    Shaved asian girl

    Shaved asian chick

    What can I say about how charming our babe Alyra is. She has it all, the best of asia and the best of western culture. I know a lot of guys don’t like the tattoos on their girls but face it that can be very hot if done right and the chick has the strength of character to pull it off. The only other Asian babe I can think of that wears her tattoos so well is maybe Jandi Lynn. Well Alyra has been pretty popular so lets get it all covered and do a little recap of this amazing girl:

    Rude and nude Asian chick Alyra

    Asian Emo drem chick Alyra

    Tattooed and mixed race chick Alyra

    Meet our new tattoeed wild girl

    December 8th, 2010 by khunjack

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