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    Getting to know sexy Filipina bombshell Alma a little better

    Busty Alma Chua

    Alma Chua Chua

    In case you are new to the blog I think it might be wise to recap some of the hottest posts featuring our top girls. Alma Chua has always been our top girl, and this is a great time to take a look at her work:

    1. Alma’s messy handjob

    2. Busty Alma’s massive boobs get soaked in man juice

    3. Busty Alma gets anal revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend

    4. Alma Chua’s freshly shaved and tight snatch

    5. Innocent girl Alma Chua strips outside

    6. Wild breasted Filipina girl Busty Alma gets two shots of splooge

    7. Edmilyn and Alma playing naked outside

    8. Alma Chua cradles her massive and awesome rocking tits

    February 12th, 2010 by khunjack

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