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    Amatuer filipina nude Nelly can’t keep her clothes on.

    I like nude!

    I like nude!

    In the swanky part of Manila there is a street lined with discos called Jupiter Road. This is where you can find your really hot girls. The ones that are actually hot and smart enough to be models are actresses. This is where we first met Nelly at the end of last summer. There are a lot of pretty girls in Angeles City, but usually their looks have some sort of problem. Girls who have pretty faces will be too thick. Well Nelly here is looking good in every department, and she looks great naked. This is her second photo shoot with us and she has loosened up a lot. Take a look at the coverage we did of her first naked photo shoot here. She is clearly more comfortable in front of the camera. Nelly is one of the newest starlets you will only see at Teen Filipina.

    October 20th, 2009 by khunjack

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