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    Nook Visine Summer Heat Strip

    Nook Visine Summer Heat Strip
    The hot summer sun bathes the lush green grass in warm tones. Nook Visine strolls among bending trees that arch over it in a light summer dress. Pausing she fans herself with the hem of her dress, looking anxiously around for a moment as she bares her delicious breasts. Then, clasping the dress around her bared breasts, she enjoys the cooling sensation. As her hands graze her breasts the nipples become erect. Nook slips a hand into her panties and pushes them down over her pussy. Then pulling her dress up over her shoulders she tosses it aside, flinging the panties down beside it, and extends her slim, naked body under the hot sun.

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    August 5th, 2009 by khunjack

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