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    Breasty Nee Nalinda Sundown Strip

    Breasty Nee Nalinda Sundown Strip
    The sun begins to sink to the horizon. A low breeze stirs the lush green trees that roll towards it. Nee Nalinda pushes her long hair back from her shoulders to spill down her back. A white top clings to her shapely breasts, her hands absently playing with it as she arranges her necklace. As her hands graze her breasts Nee feels her nipples stiffen, and pushes her top over them, baring them. Her fingers pinch and tease the long, swollen nipples. Nee leans back against a wooden table, her skirt riding up over her thighs, and gathering them hem in her hands she raises it up, her luscious pussy bared without panties. Thighs spreading wide Nee slips out of her clothes and as darkness descends stands naked.

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    August 19th, 2009 by khunjack

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