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    Nana Lee Strips Denim Shorts

    Nana Lee Strips Denim Shorts
    Nana Lee plays her fingers nervously on the edge of a wooden table. Biting her lip her coal black eyes dart around her. Thick black hair tumbles down over her shoulders to a vivid red top. A bow accentuates the swell of her breasts as they rise beneath it. The straps fall from her shoulders as Nana plays with her top, raising it over her breasts and her hardening nipples. Nana pulls her denim shorts off, revealing leopard print panties. Then, with a hesitant glance about her, Nana peels them off, baring a lush black bush. Her confidence growing Nana sinks to the floor, thighs spreading wide, a hand gliding down over her breasts and waist until her fingers play upon her pussy.

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    April 21st, 2009 by khunjack
    Posted in Thai Girls

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