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    Anna Hmok Whitewashed Fence Strip

    Anna Hmok Whitewashed Fence Strip
    Anna Hmok is following the sound of birdsong. Her attention moves from branch to branch as she follows a line of trees, bounded by a whitewashed fence. Anna is wearing a brief pink top and denim shorts. Bushes are still and unmoving in the humid air as she passes. Finding the source of the exotic song Anna plants her hands on the fence and gazes all about her. Turning her fingers play absently at her top, teasing her hardening nipples through it until Anna pulls it over her breasts and teases the thick peaks. Pulling her shorts down over her thighs Anna soon peels off her panties, her slick pussy clinging to them. Naked Anna climbs up onto the fence, fingertips sliding down between her spread thighs to her waiting pussy.

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    April 7th, 2009 by khunjack
    Posted in Thai Girls

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