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    Matt P Sun Lounger Bikini Strip

    Matt P Sun Lounger Bikini Strip
    Matt P is stretching out on a sun lounger. Waking from a nap she still has to shade her eyes as the sun begins to sink. The heat of the sun is still strong, and as she stirs on the lounger Matt lazily reaches around her back to loosen her bikini top. She cradles it to her breasts for a moment and then peels it from them, exposing the rapdily engorging peaks to the late afternoon humidity. Dropping it beside the lounger Matt cups her breasts, fingers flicking softly over her nipples. Thumbs plunging into her bikini bottoms Matt peels them from her slick pussy, over her pert ass, and down over her thighs. A neat strip of pussy hair accentuates the welcoming gash that she reveals as her thighs swing wide.

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    March 16th, 2009 by khunjack
    Posted in Thai Girls

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