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    Breasty Nan Rinya Sunset Pool Strip

    Breasty Nan Rinya Sunset Pool Strip
    The orange ball of the sun is waning to the horizon. A golden glow settles on the land. Nan Rinya emerges and walks slowly along the edge of a still pool. Her red heels reports each slow footstep. Reaching an empty sun lounger she sinks onto it and scans the surroundings in silence. A vivid red top constrasts sharply with her long black hair. Denim shorts accentuate her long legs. The fading light bathing her upturned face Nan fumbles with her top for a few moments until she releases it and it slips down over the swell of her shapely breasts. The nipples are turned up and swelling with excitement. Rising from the lounger, necklace dangling between her breasts, Nan peels off her shorts and lets them fall to the ground, then almost without pausing fingers her panties, lying back on the lounger as she guides them over her thighs, a hand falling amost without thought between her thighs and to her neatly trimmed pussy.

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    March 18th, 2009 by khunjack
    Posted in Thai Girls

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