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    Breasty Cutie Lee Lelawadee Cabin Strip

    Breasty Cutie Lee Lelawadee Cabin Strip
    A lazy summer afternoon. A warm sun bathes an isolated cabin in its light. Lee Lelawadee steps out from the shade and into the contrasting heat. A patterned red top meets light blue shorts, and her strawberry blonde hair falls over her shoulders. Lee tugs the top over a breast as she absently plays with her top. Then settling down onto a chair she pulls it off, allowing her shapely breasts to spring free. A necklace tumbles down over her slim body to her waist. The shorts soon follow, and Lee reclines in the chair in only her striped panties. Her fingers play about them until Lee peels them down over her thighs, revealing a lush pussy, guarded between her tight shut thighs. Lee leans back in the chair, raising a leg to rest upon a table, a hand sliding down over her body to come to rest between her spread thighs.

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    March 24th, 2009 by khunjack
    Posted in Thai Girls

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