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    Cute pigtailed Asian chick strips for her webcam

    There’s something nasty about a sexy chick in pigtails doing dirty acts and showing off her goods for all the world to see. And if it’s a cute Asian chick, it’s all the nastier! At, you get to see the hottest in amateur Asian vids this side of the ‘net.

    In this vid, we are treated to some really good angles of our Asian honey reliving her Japanese School Girl days and showing us what she really learned in high school – driving the boys insane, that is! At first, our hottie is all smiles and dimples, flipping her hair and winking at the camera, chatting it up online.

    Before we know it, our girl, stands up, turns around, and bends over for her webcam, revealing absolutely zilch between her and her short skirt. We get a good view of her sweet Asian ass, all round and perky, almost begging to be pinched. As she bends over further, we see her cunt in all it’s glory, all plump and pink. As soon as she’s done with this, she sits back down, giggling at her own naughtiness, but clearly reveling in it. You can’t help but smile at her embarrassment as she tries to cover her face, but we all know that she’s still got more to show.

    True enough, a few seconds later, she’s flaunting her pretty little jugs, shaking them a little, rubbing her hands all over them, concentrating on the nipples, all the while keeping the naughty/nice smile on her face, occasionally sticking her tongue out in a seductive but sweet way. You never know with these Asian girls – they can be innocent and slutty in the same breath. She nods to whoever it is she’s talking to, obviously enjoying the view from wherever he (or she) is. You too can enjoy this view by heading over to and download this and other hot videos for your Asian viewing fix!

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack

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