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    Thai hottie in black

    If youre looking for a gorgeous Thai chick youre hit the gold pot with this lovely Bangkok babe! Her name is Lisa and she looks absolutely stunning in that sexy black underwear! How can you not think of fucking a girl this hot! If you think that a girl like this can only exist in your fantasies then consider this sizzling Thai chick and her wet Asian twat your real life fantasy! She doesnt mind taking off all her clothes and spreading her lovely Thai pussy for your horny cock!
    January 29th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Tailynn Naked

    Sexy Asian girl Tailynn does a hot table dance in this free gallery. Tailynn is indeed shy but shes not afraid to show some skin. Shes not the kind of gal who’ll strip in public, but if its only one or two people, then shes fine stripping and exposing her beautiful Thai body. You can check out Tailynn showing off her stuff in the free gallery below.

    tailynn nude

    January 29th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Nina Stripping Nude

    Sexy Thai Nina does a little strip for you in this free gallery from Nina, like so many other girls on this site is a first timer who has never done a fuck scene on video before. Check out her very first scene below!

    January 28th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Jenny Jenny Jenny

    This sexy beaut is named Jenny and she was one of the first models on Asian Suck Dolls. Jenny has an amazing body and has natural titties so nice they make you want to scream for buttermilk. Jenny has two exclusive scenes inside Asian Suck Dolls. Check out her free gallery below!

    January 26th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Hot Thai girl Nang gets a facial!

    As requested I shot a few more Thai girls with a little meat on their bones and a set of tits. Nang is this girls name and she is a horny MILF who loves to fuck foreigners. I met her outside the movie theater when she was eye balling me. She was wearing a low cut shirt and her cleavage was giving me a serious hard on so I thought I’d move in for the kill. She didn’t even hesitate to agree to making a video even after I told her I was going to shoot my cum all over her face. Apparently she loves the taste of cum and this clip shows it because she eats it up like sweet sticky rice.
    January 24th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Tussinee’s Ass

    Look at Tussinee exposing that perfectly toned Asian ass. Not only does Tussinee have the prettiest ass out of all the Asian solo girls ive seen, but she also has the prettiest asshole. You can see her take a cock up that pretty ass inside Tussinee Gold, which you can find by joining Tussinee. Seeing this girl is raunchy hardcore action is truly a site to see. Check out more below!

    tussinee nude

    January 22nd, 2009 by khunjack
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    Horny Cocksucker

    Take one look at som and her cocksucking skills and you’d swear she was born with a cock in her mouth! This girl knows how to slurp and suck! Check out the free gallery below to see some more pictures of som and that tight teen pussy!

    January 21st, 2009 by khunjack
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    Thainee Upskirt Pics

    The Thainee blog is back with another free gallery of the smallest pornstar in the world Thainee. In this gallery you can catch Thainee giving some sexy upskirt action. She already has a slew of hardcore movie sets in her members area, but she will be coming out with new scenes in the coming weeks. Check out the free gallery below for more of Thainee.

    thainee porn

    January 21st, 2009 by khunjack
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    Thainee colorful striptease

    You ever notice how the colorful sets are always the most pleasing? Mr Chews Asian Beaver has been responsible for this trend lately, as well as Naughty America. They always make sure their porn sets are very vibrant with brighty colors. Well now Thainee is joining the trend, check out the new gallery of her below. Its like an orgasm for your eyes. Check out the tiniest pornstar in the world doing her thing at

    thainee porn

    January 20th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Fon Sucks Cock

    Sexy Thai girl Fon sucks a mean cock in this gallery from Asian Suck Dolls. Fon is a seasoned bargirl who has seen many cocks in her life. Check out the free picture gallery below to see her suck and fuck the cock of the creamer.

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Curvy Asian-Latina sucks cock and gets naked

    If you like your Asian with a bit of Latin flair, then you definitely gotta see this, cuz has got one hot Asian-Latin mama that’s sure to whet your appetite for all things spicy!

    We see our bodacious babe, parading around in her pink top and black panties — neither of which could contain her awesome, erection-inducing hot bod. She dances naughtily, at the bidding of her horny boyfriend, and she teases him by lifting up her top a little, and hiking up her panties, showing her full, round ass.

    Pretty soon, she’s kneeling on the floor, slurping away at her boyfriend’s schlong, her ass in full view as he records the whole thing on his camera. She gamely bobs her head up and down as he (and by extention, us) watches on. She comes up for air only to turn the tables on him, recording his cock with her own video phone. He doesn’t seem to care about this, and she smiles with lustful delight at the spectacle. Wanting more of her filthy mouth, he shoves his cock towards her, and she playfully tastes it for a bit, before putting the whole thing in her mouth again.

    She slurps it down insatiably, holding on the the stick-hard rod like her slutty life depended on it. He focuses on the mirror again, where once again we see her awesomely sexy ass. Unable to resist, he grabs it, stroking it up and down, feeling the fine skin on his bare hand. He lightly touches her asshole, stroking the pink hole, daring to slip a finger in. But I guess her cocksucking skills are just too damn good cuz he abandons that and just grabs her bobbing head, forcing her to wolf down every inch of his knob, all the while feeling like a porn king as he continues to record the whole thing. See all the hot happenings of this and other steamy vids over at now!

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Hot Asian babe shows you what shes got

    Ahh, the joys of having your own digital camera. You can capture a moment to remember for all time, you can freeze-frame a memory for years to come — oh, come on, lets face it — it’s all about the naked self pics!!! And have we got a sizzling one here on

    Sexy, sultry, slutty — and all the other positive “s” words one can come with when feasting your eyes on this one. And what a feast it is. Where do I begin? The seductive face with just a hint of sluttiness? The wild hair that you know you’d grab on to while ramming her from behind? Or that rocking body, with tits that don’t stop and an ass that goes on for days? You get all that in one hot package with this crazy-gorgeous babe.

    Topless, bottomless, frontal or sidal, you get it all, cuz she aint afraid to show you what she’s got. Whether it’s focusing on her perfectly pert knockers, pushing them together and rubbing them oh-so-seductively, or spread-legged showing off her sweet cooch, you’re sure to get a rise out of this one.

    She’s in black sporty undies, hair falling sideways giving her that wild girl-next-door look. She’s in lingerie, pouting away seductively into the camera. She’s naked, spreading her legs and showing off her shaved, halved clit. She’s in the tub, getting ready for a good long soaking and some “alone time” with her showerhead. She’s in a red g-string, hands all over her body, rubbing herself, wishing they were your hands on her naked flesh.

    All the while, she looks at you with half-closed eyes, and a half-open mouth just waiting for a cock to be sucked. See the Asian hotness for yourself by dropping by to download all the juicy pics here plus a whole lot more!

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Thai slut Dear takes a fuck and a facial!

    You know how sometimes you just get so horny that you will fuck just about anything if it comes along? This is one of those times. It was late and I was hungry so I headed out to find some chicken when I ran across Dear sitting at a small table with a group of friends. They were all flirting with me but she was the only one who was aggressive and made the move. She instantly stopped eating her rice when she saw me and walked over and started rubbing my cock right in front of everyone. Once I was hard it was just a matter of waking Dimitri up to film me nailing this rice eating slut. I should of worn a rubber with this street whore but it’s too late to worry about all that… her pussy was just what I needed.
    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Sweet and sexy Asian shows her panties and more

    We’ve all heard the term “panty shot”, right? Well, at, we go beyond (or in many cases, beneath) the mere panty shot to give you what you truly want.

    For example, here we have a dainty girl. Taking a few pics of herself one afternoon, she feels the need to get a little raunchy. Before we know it, she’s giving us a mini fashion show of her in her undies, but mostly out of them. Her pink printed panties make an appearance first, bringing the camera close to her crotch, enough to practically see the stitching. But it’s the little stray hairs of her full carpet peeking out of the edges of her panties that really catch your eye. That and the pussy lips that are straining through the flimsy fabric.

    Pretty soon, it’s off with the undies, and we see several stills of this hottie in all her glory. Her full, black pubes in full display. Her tight, little body and perky boobs are there for all to see. She stares seductively and shyly, hiding behind her long, wet hair.

    Soon we see her in another pair of undies, these ones, white. She slowly peels them off, taking a shot of each step, as if teasing us with every frame. But instead of removing them fully, she shoves her free hand inside them and proceeds to massage her pussy, full bush and all!

    She plays around with the camera some more, taking seductive shots of her in a bra and out of them. Her pink nipples making an appearance every now and then. She sure is hot, and she knows it. Showing all the world that girls with sweet faces and get down and dirty like the best of them. Drop on by for more of this sweet hottie, and all the Asian babes you’ll ever want.

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Sweet Asian chick sucks her boyfriend’s cock and gets fingered

    Steamy and raunchy does not even begin to describe this vid from where once again, a sweet-looking Asian chick does some really dirty things to her boyfriend, and lets him film it!

    We see her giving her dude a blowjob, her on her knees on the bed, head bobbing up and down, faster and faster, the sounds of her lips gurgling away at his knob clearly heard. As she reaches over to stroke his wang, he pushes her hand away, obvious that it’s her cute mouth and pouty lips she prefers. Boy, this chick must suck cock real good! He steadies her head on his tool, guiding her and holding her down, trying to get the whole thing in her mouth. Our little bitch complies, doing her best to please her man by going faster and making more noise with her wet mouth. All the while, she’s rubbing her nipples, twisting them every now and then to get her in the mood.

    She gets up for a while, and we see her cute little body – shaved cooch and all.As she continues with the blowjob, she gives the camera a few dirty looks as she licks and sucks her boyfriend, obviously enjoying herself like the cock-hungry slut she is.

    A bit later, she’s lying on her back, and her boyfriend is prying her legs apart to get a good view of that shaved Asian poon . At first, she seems reluctant, but later gives in. She spreads her legs, revealling the pink, wet pussy lips. He gets her all hot and bothered as rubs his fingers teasingly over the slit of her cunt, then playfully inserts one finger into her clit, making our cute Asian slut writhe around. He enjoys how wet she’s getting, as she continues to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. Told you it was hot! Well, if you wanna see the whole thing, head on over to and download this video now!

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Cute pigtailed Asian chick strips for her webcam

    There’s something nasty about a sexy chick in pigtails doing dirty acts and showing off her goods for all the world to see. And if it’s a cute Asian chick, it’s all the nastier! At, you get to see the hottest in amateur Asian vids this side of the ‘net.

    In this vid, we are treated to some really good angles of our Asian honey reliving her Japanese School Girl days and showing us what she really learned in high school – driving the boys insane, that is! At first, our hottie is all smiles and dimples, flipping her hair and winking at the camera, chatting it up online.

    Before we know it, our girl, stands up, turns around, and bends over for her webcam, revealing absolutely zilch between her and her short skirt. We get a good view of her sweet Asian ass, all round and perky, almost begging to be pinched. As she bends over further, we see her cunt in all it’s glory, all plump and pink. As soon as she’s done with this, she sits back down, giggling at her own naughtiness, but clearly reveling in it. You can’t help but smile at her embarrassment as she tries to cover her face, but we all know that she’s still got more to show.

    True enough, a few seconds later, she’s flaunting her pretty little jugs, shaking them a little, rubbing her hands all over them, concentrating on the nipples, all the while keeping the naughty/nice smile on her face, occasionally sticking her tongue out in a seductive but sweet way. You never know with these Asian girls – they can be innocent and slutty in the same breath. She nods to whoever it is she’s talking to, obviously enjoying the view from wherever he (or she) is. You too can enjoy this view by heading over to and download this and other hot videos for your Asian viewing fix!

    January 19th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Cute Thai chick masturbating

    If you want to get horny really quick, this cute Thai hottie will help make your cock rock solid and ready to fuck! Give your cock a taste of a wet oriental pussy, and let it discover the joys of fucking a horny Thai slut! This delicious Thai babe will show you just how lovely her pussy is by fiddling it and shoving a dildo deep inside! Youll love how this hot Asian tart will moan and wiggle around her bed as her pussy is aroused and pleasured by her dildo! These horny oriental honeys want nothing more than to feel a good fat sliding in and out of their wet Asian pussies, and they want to be showered with hot and sticky man juice! So if you have a taste for Asian pussies, let this luscious Thai beauty take your cock to unimaginable levels of sexual pleasure with her dripping Thai pussy! This yummy Bangkok babe will rock your orgasms and make your naughty Asian fantasies come alive!
    January 18th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Thai Punani

    Check out this flawless Pussy! Her name is Mini and she is one of the most popular models on Check out her exclusive suck and fuck scene below!

    January 14th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Jimmy Peters drips a hot load inside of Asian Baby Maker Mam!

    We met Mam on a bus on our way back to Bangkok from Chang Mai. As luck would have it, she was amused by our dumb jokes and started talking to us and explained that she is 18 now and is on her way from the farm to the bars of Bangkok where she will start a new job in a Go-Go Bar and support her family. Of course we wanted to help her and her poor family so we offered her her first piece of work. Mam was very excited to start earning money to send home to her parents so she jumped at the chance to be a boom-boom movie star. Though she was young, this little girl has been fucking for a while and loved every stroke of the cock… all the way to the very end where Jimmy unloads inside her beautiful Thai pussy. I don’t know much in life but I do know this… Mam is one horny girl and that pussy of hers is going to make her parents very rich.
    January 14th, 2009 by khunjack
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    Sexy Whore with Braces

    Like chicks with braces? Like seeing girls with braces get their faces loaded with cum? Then you my friend are in for a treat with this scene. Her name is Nue and she is one of the sexiest thai girls we’ve seen with braces, and you can see her exclusively at Asian Suck Dolls. Check out the full scene at!

    January 12th, 2009 by khunjack
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