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    Paa is a horny little blond who enjoys MAKING LOVE to men and does so almost every day. Some with and some without a condom, but we told her today it was raw and Kincade was shooting his demon seed into her sexy Issan pussy. She tells us on film that she wants a baby with a foreigner but we have not seen her since so we don’t know if she got knocked up or not. If any of you see her and see a bun in the oven, please take a photo of her and e-mail it to us and we’ll pay you $50. It’s rare you find a Thai girl that loves to fuck as much as Paa does and it really shows in this scene. Kincade pounds her tiny pussy and she takes it like a champ all the way until his seed is dripping from her cunt.
    October 11th, 2008 by khunjack

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