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    Fuck that hot Thai pussy

    Discover the joy and pleasure of fucking a hot Asian pussy with this sizzling Thai slut as your host! Find out why hot Bangkok bitches are among the best cock fuckers in the world! This hot Thai cutie will show you why men all over the world loves to fuck wet pussies from Thailand! Her tight body and full firm tits will instantly make your cock hard and horny! And her sweet Thai pussy will make your cock explode with such intense delight that you wont be able to stop fucking her delicious Pattaya pussy! Just watch as this sizzling Bangkok angel teases you by stripping off her clothes! Shes so petite and her body is so tight youre going to love groping and fondling her for hours! Her tits are full and firm, the type that you can squeeze the whole day, and her perky nipples are just begging to be sucked! But what makes this horny Thai slut different from the rest is how her hairy Asian pussy feels so good! Just imagine sliding your hard cock in and out of that sweet oriental twat and hearing this stunning Bangkok babe moaning with so much lust and delight! These hot and sizzling Pattaya pussies only live to suck your cock and swallow your hot cum!
    October 31st, 2008 by khunjack
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    Another poor whore strolling the streets of Bangkok looking for a trick. Lucky for her Mr. Kincade was feeding a baby elephant when he noticed her walk by and smile…From there we had to take her back to the room and let her go for a spin on Mr. Kincade’s elephant trunk.
    October 30th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Dumb whore On

    This filthy little whore named On let Dimitri and Mr. Kincade dump both their loads of sperm inside her pussy, one right after the other for only $22 bucks!!! Then when they paid her, she thought the money was fake because she had never seen American dollars… the dumb bitch.
    October 25th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Dark Nipples

    Dark nipples peer out from this cuties red shirt in this free gallery from Asian Suck Dolls. Her name is…well come to think of it i dont know what her name is. What I DO know is she sucks cock like a certified pro. Actually come to think of it, she is a pro lol. Check out more of this lovely below!

    October 25th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Joon Flashing Ass

    Sweet Mother of pearl that is one gorgeous Thai. The amazing thing is she’s not even naked yet. Ive had the chance to see her naked and trust me, its heavenly! Her name is Joon and you can find her sucking and fucking in two exclusive scenes below!

    October 25th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Slutty Geisha Asian Strips and Teases

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    A Geisha's task is to entertain and pleasure their man, and this horny Asian is a pro. After leading you into her bedroom, she pushes shut the rice-paper wall and moves on to the bed. While making sure you are comfortable, the nympho teen slides her robe from her shoulders for you to admire her perky breasts, taking them in her soft hands and touching them gently.

    After playing with her perfect boobs, she gets on to her knees and turns around, bending over to show you her juicy ass, the black lace bottom hardly covering her smooth ass cheeks. Rolling over onto her back, she extends her slim legs into the air, and seductively peels her tiny g-string from her shaved cunt and slides them up her thighs, and off of her legs. Now completely nude, the sexy Geisha crosses her ankles and, using her hands, spreads her wet pussy for you. Once you approve, she rolls back over and stands up, letting you take in every inch of her curvy body. Through teasing you with her perfect teen body, it's you're chance to caress her every inch...


    October 18th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Cute Asian Sorority Girl Strips Naked and Reveals Her Pink Vag

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    Check out this pretty Asian sorority girl and her banging young body. This hot and horny girl from Asian Fever looks like she could surprise you with her deep knowledge of sex and pleasure. She must know all those old Asian sex tricks that are destined radically change the way you look at sex forever.

    You will be wondering why you never fucked a tight Asian sorority girl like the red hot slanted eye babe you see in this sordid striptease scene. You just have to love the way she slowly undresses while staring at the camera, teasing you with her eyes. If you get off by checking out gorgeous Asian teens then you simply must visit Asian Fever, which has countless delicious babes like the Asian sorority model in this hot gallery. Sit back and enjoy it!

    October 15th, 2008 by khunjack
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    The Sweetest Asian Pussy Just For You

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    Welcome to the dojo of love, where there is Asian pussy for the taking if you just take it easy and relax and let these fine Asian beauties do what they do best. And now here is a lovely Asian who greets you in her silky red robe, absolutely itchin' to take it off and let her oriental jewels free. Next, she lies down on the bed almost  naked, all that remains to take off are her thin red panties. Now you can see her perfectly shaved Asian pussy, ready for you to do it some real damage with your hard fucking cock. This tight Asian sushi roll is right there waiting to be fucked. Do you think you can handle it?

    Catch the sweetest Asian beauties at Asian Fever!

    October 13th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Paa is a horny little blond who enjoys MAKING LOVE to men and does so almost every day. Some with and some without a condom, but we told her today it was raw and Kincade was shooting his demon seed into her sexy Issan pussy. She tells us on film that she wants a baby with a foreigner but we have not seen her since so we don’t know if she got knocked up or not. If any of you see her and see a bun in the oven, please take a photo of her and e-mail it to us and we’ll pay you $50. It’s rare you find a Thai girl that loves to fuck as much as Paa does and it really shows in this scene. Kincade pounds her tiny pussy and she takes it like a champ all the way until his seed is dripping from her cunt.
    October 11th, 2008 by khunjack
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    Mays wanted us to give her a baby!


    May actually flagged us down as we walked down the road. As we passed her she said “Hello sexy man, I boom-boom you no condom OK?” and we were sold. Just moments later we were at the hotel and she was telling us how she wants a baby and wanted to come to America. We told her that is she fucked us on video we would knock her up and make all her little dirty whore dreams come true… One load at a time.
    October 2nd, 2008 by khunjack
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